The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China has always been a huge draw for tourists, both Chinese and foreigners. The parking lots are almost always full, and there are big crowds at this entrance outside of Beijing almost year round. These pictures were taken in September, again by Bill in 2007.

You can either walk up or take a cable car to a higher spot.

The views are amazing—-even more so when you think of the fact that these walls were put in place to keep out invaders from the North, and are built right along the ridges of the mountains that divide China from what is now Inner Mongolia.

When I visited years ago, I remember it was almost hot at the bottom but by the time we reached our highest point it was very, very cold and we were walking through clouds.

These arches just beg to be filled up and happen to be nearly the right size for a man to stand up straight inside.

Billboards advertising the upcoming Olympic Games were displayed with great pride everywhere for at least 2 years—Bill shot this picture in 2007 and we saw it everywhere again in 2008.